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Part of what I like about going through and editing a wedding is reliving a day that I had so much fun on (and yes, really, I do have fun and enjoy pretty much all of my weddings). Lots of photographers tell couples to hire a good photographer because their day is going to be a blur and the photos are going to help them look back and remember what their wedding was like. What I’ve found to also be true is that wedding days tend to be a blur for me as well, and that I really do enjoy going back through the photos and saying “Omg, that happened, and THAT. That really happened. And that moment. I loved that moment.”

And sometimes, I just don’t blog, because I get lost under the amount of photos I look at from weddings and I find that I just can’t narrow down favorites, nor can I try to post 100 favorites in a blog post (for the sake of internet bandwiths everywhere). So. Sometimes I have to step back and just pick a couple choice photos to share, because I’m too excited to wait for my brain to catch up.

Michelle and Mike got married at the Crane Estate last month, and I cannot be more happy that they chose me to document their wedding. The two of them are simply beautiful people, and I don’t just mean what you can see in the mirror. They were super easy going, so good-spirited and simply just so much FUN. So here are a couple of my most favorite portraits of them throughout their wedding day. Expect the rest of the moments and fun to come soon!

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A month ago today, one of the most wonderful people I know in the world got married to a wonderful guy in a in BAMF way. Their wedding was so fun and so visually over stimulating for me, that I haven’t been able to choose favorites from their wedding day yet to post. So instead, I present to you their day after shoot – ta da!

Reb and Joe are big bikers, which might have shown more in their engagement shoot if their bikes hadn’t just been stolen at the time. But here, with new and improved bikes, we had a little fun. Their cake topper at their wedding was a silhouette of a couple posed just the like the image above. Everything else was just goofing off.

This is Joe taking Rebecca for a ride…

… and this is Reb, taking Joe for a ride. 

Back to Kite Hill, where Joe proposed to Rebecca, and where we had fun with giant leaves this past spring

Thanks, Korri, for taking this rocking shot of these sillies. 

After running around in the wind again, we took it down a notch and wandered through all the street art around Mission and Valencia. 

Well. Maybe not THAT far a notch down…

Rebecca had made dozens of different sized pinwheels out of craft paper for the wedding, and of course, we had to have a little fun with those too. 

And of course, toned it down completely at the end of the night back in Reb and Joe’s cozy and awesome home. 

Biggest love to you two, I love you so much!


My personal life has been crazy, with wedding season being in full swing for one, but I’ve also moved out of the Boston College area into Arlington, and have been running up and down New England for weddings and shoots. Between May 10 and June 30, I only spent 6 nights in Boston, so my apologies if my blogging and correspondence has been spotty. Life has been amazing though, and not just my personal life, which feels like it’s finally done kicking my butt, but also my personal life. So far, all my couples these year have been simply fabulous, and I have truly TRULY loved every wedding I’ve photographed so far this year.

Here’s to the second half of 2014 – bring it on!

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  • Julie V. - Karina,

    I LOVE these! Especially the last image at their house. So amazing! I love these fun couples you get. They always are up for the coolest things. :) ReplyCancel

This is far and away one of the more image heavy posts I’ve put up in a while, but I couldn’t even begin to narrow down what were my favorites so… more for you to enjoy! I loved Clarissa and Alexa the moment I met them. Partially because I met them at a bar in Midtown NYC and we got a little buzzed together, so, you know, they immediately found a place in my heart. Plus – they’re just both cool beyond belief. Alexa is the exec chef at The Tapp in Tarrytown and Clarissa runs a wedding planning company called Taffeta & Tattoos (which, by the way, check out the full gallery and see the magic that she and her team pulled together for this like-whoa DIY wedding). And they have a truly adorable love story, which I loved, but I won’t get into right now. On to the photos!

Alexa and Clarissa held their wedding in the backyard of Clarissa’s parent’s home in NY. Which, you know, you think “Backyard wedding, quaint and small and adorable.” Well, yes, that’s all true, but wow, you cannot have imagined a backyard wedding like this. Bridal tent, cigar lounge, assorted couches set up around the lawn with beautiful accents (a stereophone, a vintage typewriter, a small fireplace). It was truly gorgeous.
Plus. They’re friends and family are hilarious. 
Impromptu first look! We originally wanted to do it outside the bridal tent, but since all the guests were hovering in the party tent in full view of the door, that was out. So we faced them together with their eyes closed…
And all the bridal party peeking in…
And boom! Insta-awesome first look. 
I’ve said it a million times, but I love first looks. You get emotions and expression that you rarely get coming down the aisle. 
Stiiiiill peaking…
The weather decided it was going to be uncooperative, but since we were just in the backyard, we decided to hold off the ceremony for half an hour to wait for the rain to dissipate.  
Well worth the wait :) 
Check out these beautiful brides. They’re just stunning. 
The wedding was catered by the Pizza Luca LLC truck – a most awesome wood-fire pizza oven built into the back of a 1952 Chevy flatbed. 
See? Would you have ever guessed this was a backyard wedding?
And just the rest of the moments and the fun and the laughter: 
Congrats, Alexa and Clarissa, it was a MOST AWESOME day and I loved every second I spent with you ladies. If you wanna do it all over again, please lemme know;)

Check out the full gallery here!



Flowers by the beautiful brides

Wedding cake by bridesmaid, Becca Chambers of Cupcake Cafe NYC

Dresses by BHLDN

Food by Pizza Luca

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  • Rachel - What a gorgeous wedding! I love the all of the decor and decorations and the brides<3ReplyCancel

This was just too much fun. Meet Rob and Bea. Rob was pretty much the first person I met when I arrived at Tufts University, and now I’m so excited to be photographing the wedding of him and his beautiful, wonderful fiancee, Bea (who, by the way, is also a fellow Jumbo).

The good folks over at the Harpoon Brewery in the Boston Seaport let us run around the floor of the brewery for a while to take photos. Happiness ensued.

Rob and Bea has dubbed this next set “The Beer Monster”. Most appropriate, me thinks. 

Beer monster. Must. Have. Beer. 

And naturally, you can’t peruse the Harpoon Brewery without stopping for some beers at the beer hall. 

After they finally kicked us out for a private party, the three of us went a-wandering around the Boston Seaport District, because, well, it’s summer and it’s beautiful out. 

A little bit of fun at the Hood. Ha. Ha. Ha. *wink*nudge*

And that’s all she wrote! Thanks so much again for playing with me, you two and I cannot WAIT for your wedding in October!

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Jen and Ryan got married at Brooksby Farms in Peabody this spring. Click through to see some favorites from the wedding! 

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